Allen County War Memorial

Lima, Ohio

As early as 2014, the Foundation began to consult with LSG Landscape Architecture in the process of planning a unique and personal memorial to be dedicated to remembrance of veterans from Allen County, Ohio who died during military service. LSG designed a 2-acre memorial with four distinct and increasingly sacred zones within the site, which will allow for phased implementation. A series of radiating pathways unify the different areas of the site and allow visitors to travel through and experience it in a variety of way as they choose.

Zone one forms a visible gateway near the intersection of Bellefontaine and Bowman Roads. Located at the terminus of the entry drive, this circular space supports formal gatherings hosting dignitaries and presentation of the honor guard.

The second zone is a large circular space central to the memorial which is dedicated primarily to the remembrance of specific military operations. Twelve granite walls are spaced equally around its perimeter in chronological order, and each displays images to symbolize those events in which county veterans died in service.

The third zone is dedicated to the memory of individual veterans who gave their lives. Each soldier’s name, unit and date is inscribed on continuous waist-high granite walls. These are located within a series of circular outdoor rooms, and each room is situated along a long arcing path.

The fourth zone is a continuous, curvilinear path along the outer memorial perimeter providing an opportunity for contemplative seating and a series of monuments dedicated to individual veterans.

The design was approved in early 2019 and LSG has prepared graphics to assist the Memorial Foundation in fundraising efforts.

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