FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center

Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey

The William J. Hughes Technical Center is a national hub of aviation research, development, testing, and evaluation, and is home to state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities. The renovation of the Technical Center includes interior architectural as well as landscape design aimed to bring the workspaces and amenities within the facility up to the modern standard for smart, resilient, and efficient campuses.

LSG Landscape Architecture provided a conceptual masterplan for the outdoor spaces that relates to the indoor activity. As a result, five major design areas emerged as opportunities for greater interaction between the indoor and outdoor spaces. These spaces are the main entry, an outdoor work area, a private garden, the cafeteria patio, and a walking loop. At each space, a combination of walls, plantings, and overhead structure are used to create private moments for working or relaxing. Materials used in these areas bring natural elements, like wood and stone, to contrast with the building’s exterior. The landscape designs represent the value of time spent outside during the workday. The outdoor work area, private garden, and cafeteria patio all offer opportunities to work effectively outdoors, featuring standing workstations, larger meeting areas, casual meeting space, and overhead cover where possible. The spaces also have the flexibility to be used for games, like ping pong or cornhole, a relaxing lunch break, or after-work gathering. The walking loop allows low-impact exercise throughout the workday. The landscape at the building entry defines and enhances the entry experience through planting, lighting, and the addition of a bus shelter. This makes for a comfortable space to arrive or wait.

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