Hazel National Landing

Arlington, Virginia

Hazel National Landing is a mixed-use project in Potomac Yard Arlington. The project site, approximately 2.03 acres, occupies the eastern half of the Land Bay C. The project consists of two residential buildings (488 units) with retail on the ground floor, an underground garage and a portion of the “North Park Plaza”.

LSG Landscape Architecture is focused on outdoor place making and is working with the design team, development team and the county staff to address all outdoor areas including North Park Plaza, outdoor terraces on Building 1, outdoor terraces on Building 2, as well as streetscapes along 33rd street, 29th street, and Potomac Avenue.

The current design creates an outdoor space that responds to the unique architectural forms and helps to integrate architecture with the open space. This marriage between architecture and landscape creates a unique sense of place that is inviting, inclusive and refreshing for the people visiting the North Park Plaza. Various design elements in the public realm include a cascading water feature, great lawn, unique benches, elaborate planting design and paving patterns.

The penthouse levels of both the buildings provide additional amenities to the residents including fire pits, outdoor grill areas, outdoor TVs, and swimming pool.

LSG is currently assisting the project team through an elaborate SPRC process to amend the existing Potomac Yard Phased Development Site Plan (PDSP) and final site plan for Land Bay C; to allow for an office to residential-use conversion and to separate Land Bay C into discrete East and West site plans, respectively.

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