Janelia Research Campus

Ashburn, Virginia

Awarded the 2016 Virginia ASLA Presidential Award of Excellence and winner of a 2008 Honor Award from the Potomac and Maryland Chapter of American Society of Landscape Architects, the Janelia Farm Research Campus is the initial research campus of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI). 

HHMI selected LSG following an invited competition upon the completion of a laboratory building designed by Rafael Viñoly Architects. 

A comprehensive landscape plan inspired by the clean, minimalist concepts evident in traditional Japanese courtyards and other Asian landscapes, LSG’s design evokes a tranquil, reflective mood. The inherent serenity is complemented by soothing water sounds as well as a pleasing sense of graduating scale and flowing motion.

A gentle sense of discovery unfolds as one progresses through the space, reflecting the organization’s research mission. 

LSG worked closely with HHMI and the contractor throughout this phased project to address evolving client requirements, to optimize the budget, and to capitalize on opportunities that arose during installation – including the extensive and effective use of native boulders.

Based on the critical success of the initial phases, HHMI expanded both the scope and nature of LSG’s role in subsequent phases.

Our design team was further tasked with the renovation of a historic structure complex, the design of an enhanced campus arrival sequence, the development of planting plans for an additional residential compound, and the management of stormwater and sustainability strategies. 

Currently, LSG is involved in the redesign of the primary vegetated roof of the main campus complex building. The project, which also includes work on the 16 separate and smaller cell gardens that complete the green roof build out, is being complemented by our design for the associated pathways.

In addition, LSG is working on visiting scholars’ residences, a Director’s Building, and two apartment buildings – one of which includes a meadow installation that has achieved LEEDS for Homes Platinum certification.

From our recently completed work on the 2050 Master Plan down to the oversight of pruning and other maintenance, LSG has become a multi-phase partner to HHMI as well as a vendor. 

This allows HHMI and LSG to achieve a shared holistic vision for the site, one in which the sympathetic integration of the expanded and existing campus remains our primary design motivation.

The evolving Janelia Farm landscape is already providing a distinctive, valued and inspiring amenity for scientists living and working on the campus.

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