Kingstowne Consolidated Facility

Alexandria, Virginia

LSG Landscape Architecture was contracted by Grimm + Parker Architecture to develop the landscape design for a new community facility located in the Kingstowne area of Alexandria, Virginia. The Kingstowne Consolidated Facility (KTCF) will occupy a (currently) vacant 6.74-acre lot. The facility will house a police department, a regional library, the Lee District supervisor’s office, an active adult center, a childcare center, the Franconia Museum, and two parking structures (one dedicated to police use and one for public parking).

The KTCF will accommodate both public and private functions for all age ranges. To support these functions, the landscape plan includes a paved entry plaza, an outdoor patio, two playgrounds for different age groups, a fitness walk, and a feature sign wall. The entry plaza, walks, and patio offer ample space and a variety of seating opportunities for social gathering. 

The plan’s generous pedestrian access responds to the KTCF’s central location, which places it within walking distance of the neighboring school and senior housing. The unique sweeping form of the entry plaza creates an identity for the site and welcoming gesture to the community.

In addition to these design elements, the large, landscaped portions of the site function as ecological and safety features. A series of berms and swales allow for a diverse range of plantings and help to direct the flow of water onsite. This topography also creates an intimacy in outdoor spaces, guides traffic, and provides a visual and physical buffer for the police department.

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