Lantern Hill

New Providence, New Jersey

LSG Landscape Architecture continues to provide entitlement and site design services for Erickson Living’s location in New Jersey, which began construction in 2013. LSG Landscape Architecture is now working on the community’s second neighborhood, a seven-building addition adjoining the most recent phase which completed construction in 2019. This expansion includes 554 independent living units and 108 continuing care units on a 24.62 acre site. The community also features restaurants, health and fitness facilities, and group meeting spaces for a variety of activities.

Outdoor enjoyment is provided through multiple terrace amenity spaces, as well as a planned outdoor amphitheater space for community events. Trails provide connection around and through the site with frequent places for the restful enjoyment of nature. A large dry pond and wetlands are accessible with overlooks on the north side of the site, and existing large trees are preserved at the site’s perimeter.

The first neighborhood included 430 independent living units and 85 assisted living and skilled nursing beds in a seven-building campus. It comprised 26.3 acres with an extensive park-like sloping lawn and multiple resident courtyards.

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