National Gateway at Potomac Yard

Arlington, Virginia

This multi-phased, multi-modal major urban redevelopment project, currently underway in the inner suburbs of Washington, DC, will feature a mix of office, residential, and retail spaces along with two major public parks and associated streetscapes. 

LSG recently completed the newest of the public spaces to date, the Phase One Center Park South, an expansive green space with a series of gardens and public venues, and North Park Plaza, a vibrant outdoor amenity surrounded by office towers. 

Public art is a significant component of the overall project, and this theme resonates strongly in our design for Center Park South.

Two granite sculptures serve as the focal element of a dramatic interactive water feature, while engraved granite seatwalls have been carefully located throughout the park. The site offers park-level retail, a dining plaza, and a round house featuring an overhead canopy for live performances.

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