New Park at South Eads

Arlington, Virginia

LSG Landscape Architecture is the prime consultant for Master Planning, design and documentation of this 0.9-acre neighborhood park. LSG was tasked with creating a contemplative urban oasis in the highly urbanized National Landing District in Arlington County. LSG’s master plan efforts included providing multiple design alternatives and co-leading public outreach sessions with the client to determine the public’s desires in terms of park amenities and design elements. Following the approval of the Master Plan, LSG has lead the design, permitting and documentation process, studying park existing conditions and limitations against the approved Park Master Plan. LSG’s creative solutions to work within utility corridors, road setbacks, tree preservation and stormwater requirements have resulted in new and evolving design motifs that capture the spirit of the early designs.

The park plan features a meandering promenade weaving through a series of low, sweeping berms with native plantings, which create a visual and noise buffer between the park and adjacent street traffic. Pollinator meadows and a rain garden bring visual, tactile and temporal experiences of nature into the urban environment. A boardwalk strategy was suggested for the streetscape to minimize compaction on the root system of an existing Cottonwood tree.

A series of custom light pylons march rhythmically along the promenade, creating an signature motif within the park and providing appropriate light levels for safety and security along the walking space. There is an overarching simplicity in form, including protected multi-purpose lawn areas bounded in some places with sweeping wooden benches, and dotted with natural materials such as boulders and planting. Interpretive signage is placed throughout, to reveal the site’s past life as the Alexandria Canal and highlight the natural systems of bioretention, pollination, and tree preservation being implemented on site. LSG’s involvement in the project is ongoing, leading the design team through construction documentation, permitting, and construction administration, in close coordination with Arlington DPR.

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