Purcell Park

Harrisonburg, Virginia

LSG Landscape Architecture is the lead consultant to develop a master plan for this 57-acre park in the heart of the City of Harrisonburg. The goal of the master plan is to develop a framework for turning this park into a regional attraction with unique recreational opportunities and a model for resilient green infrastructure to tackle stormwater and frequent flooding issues. The plan also addresses the need for the unique Children’s Play areas.

LSG, in collaboration with the Department of Parks and Recreation Staff, conducted an extensive community engagement process consisting of focus groups, stakeholder interviews, community surveys, public workshop, and elementary school outreach. Additionally, the LSG team also conducted a statistically valid survey to ascertain the community needs and develop a program for the park.

LSG team member RK&K conducted thorough hydrological analysis of the park to understand how water moves through the park during various flood events. Based on that analysis we proposed an array of interventions within the park that would help in reducing park flooding and improve stormwater management.

The Master Plan also discusses implementation strategies, phasing, and cost estimation for each phase.

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