Reflection Terrace at Brookside Gardens

Silver Spring, Maryland

Dedicated in 2004, the Reflection Terrace honors the victims of the sniper attacks that occurred in the Washington area during the fall of 2002. LSG worked with the Montgomery County Parks Foundation to identify a site within the 50-acre Brookside Gardens display garden, part of the County’s extensive park system.

With a tight budget and time constraints, our design team created the memorial out of materials already existing on the park site, which was adjacent to an existing pond in the Japanese garden. We used large vertically placed stones engraved with commemorative inscriptions. The memorial text provides a timeline of the tragedy and lists the victims’ names, while a quote asks visitors to reflect upon the memorial as a monument to peace.

LSG worked closely with staff and volunteers to create wording for the inscriptions, and to assure that the concept and design reinforced the memorial’s contextual relationship to Brookside Gardens and its Master Plan.

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