Rosslyn Highlands Park

Arlington, Virginia

LSG Landscape Architecture, for Arlington County Department of Parks and Recreation, has designed a dynamic 9,000 square foot play area in the heart of Rosslyn’s urban corridor. The playground design pivots around an iconic 30’ climbing tower which serves as a landmark for the playground and the community.  Additional play features, including a custom climbing mound, are arranged to unfold around the tower in a pattern that invokes the architecture of the iconic BIG designed Wilson Secondary School nearby.  The play equipment was selected for both its recreation value and its sculptural aesthetics.  Raised planters create soil volume for trees and plant material.  Terraced seating provides a gathering spot for socializing and unobstructed views for guardians.  An urban bioretention garden celebrates the sustainable treatment of natural resources at the front of the park, while a custom sign wall establishes the identity of the playground. Much of the project is constructed over the Queens Court parking garage, through a public private partnership agreement between Arlington County and Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing.

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