South Germantown Recreational Park

Boyds, Maryland

Led a design team in refining Master Plans for the soccer complex and the Central Park located in the core of the 655-acre South Germantown Recreational Park. 

The park is part of a greenbelt of active and passive recreation and open space surrounding Germantown in Montgomery County, Maryland. It is an innovative facility that combines public and private initiatives to develop a wide range of passive and active recreation opportunities. LSG worked with the Maryland Soccer Foundation and Montgomery County Parks to complete multiple phases of the Maryland SoccerPlex.

The Discovery Sports Center/Maryland SoccerPlex consists of 22 full-sized irrigated soccer fields, organized in distinctive pods of three to five fields with their own parking areas and restroom facilities. Pods can be rotated in and out of use, to rest the fields.  One championship level field is sited within a sloping lawn amphitheater with views west to Sugarloaf Mountain. The Discovery Sports Center building overlooks the championship field and includes space for two indoor soccer fields, in-line hockey, volleyball or other activities. 

An extensive trail system makes all fields accessible, and connects sports field activities to the remainder of the park.

Surrounded by the SoccerPlex and a tree-lined circular park drive, the 40-acre Central Park provides a range of family activities from model boat launching to swimming, spray ground and miniature golf. LSG provided detailed design for the site, shaping the central lake and designing the walkway system, an ornamental pond, an 18-hole mini-golf course, a model boat basin with launch area, and a unique spray ground featuring a 284-jet water maze. 

LSG also provided site design services for the Germantown Indoor Swim Center, located within the Central Park.

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