Sunrise of Newton

Newton, Massachusetts

LSG Landscape Architecture provided site development for this new Sunrise facility in Newton, Massachusetts.   The landscape design seeks to transform a dealership site into an urban respite. It is a place where families can bring their kids to take a stroll in the labyrinth, hop over tree stumps or simply roll down a small earth berm. It is also a place where our beloved senior residents can freely interact with the neighbors, watch kids play or simply seek solace in a beautiful, secure garden space.

LSG’s design features a 7800 sf natural garden with a labyrinth and natural play area, a 15,000 sf gated resident garden that features a gazebo, outdoor kitchen, dining patio, horticultural therapy gardening plots, and a reflection path. Along the two public rights of way, the design provides 350 linear feet of streetscape improvement along Hovey Street, as well as 235 linear feet of streetscape improvement along Washington Street. 

The preservation of the existing wooded area is critical to the success of the landscape design, and it provides a buffer along the property’s western and northern boundaries.

In summary, the development will transform an urban commercial site into a residential use that is in harmony with its surroundings. This new development will provide an open public space that would benefit the surrounding community.

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