Sunrise of Old Town

Alexandria, Virginia

LSG Landscape Architecture provided landscape architecture services for the development of this Civil War hospital site in Old Town Alexandria, along North Washington Street. 

The primary design focus was integrating the new building and site into the Alexandria Historic District.  The streetscape development followed the Old Town Alexandria streetscape standards.  Additionally, the North Washington Street streetscape also followed National Park Service lighting standards for the George Washington Memorial parkway.  Moreover, LSG worked with the city’s archaeological services to develop appropriate content for an interpretive sign that explains the historic significance of the site as part of the City of Alexandria’s Heritage Trail program.  Finally, fences and screening were developed to the satisfaction of the surrounding neighbors and the Architectural Review Board.

The on-site landscape program includes a public access easement providing a mid-block connection from North Washington Street to North Columbus Street and an enclosed private courtyard with seating and water feature.

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