TCS Campus

Nagpur, India

The largest development to date in the special economic zone of Mihan, outside Nagpur, India, the TCS facility is a state-of-the-art 54-acre IT campus. 

The first phase – four IT-related buildings plus a customer care center, terminus building, food court, and a variety of sports and recreational fields – sets a futuristic yet richly verdant tone.

LSG extended the striking modernist architectural motif into the landscape, creating visual parity through a bold geometric patterning of pathways contrasted with curvilinear plantings of trees, shrubs, and groundcovers. 

This dynamic design offers TCS employees a variety of experiences as they move throughout the campus. 

Enhancing and reflecting our design for the main campus site, LSG also created a vibrant sports and retail complex incorporating shaded café terraces, overlooks, a cricket field, basketball courts and tennis courts. 

In keeping with the site’s contemporary essence, LSG integrated a variety of sustainable strategies to manage stormwater throughout the campus: permeable paving, rain gardens, green roof development, and the careful selection of native and adapted plant species were all leveraged to help reduce runoff and water consumption. These design elements support and enhance the local habitat while providing much needed shade throughout the year. 

The resulting landscape is a holistic system that accurately and effectively reflects the bold modernist vision of the TCS campus.

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