The Perry

Potomac, Maryland

For the Foulger-Pratt Companies, LSG designers explored the inherent advantages of a two-building site plan at this 400-plus unit apartment community near I-270 in Montgomery County, Maryland.  

The Perry’s physically separate courtyards are also separate in theme and program.  One, for active uses, surrounds a 25 meter pool, while the passive courtyard offers a choice of outdoor rooms, each with its own focus such as a fireplace, fountain, deck, or pergola.

A central park between buildings serves as The Perry’s focal point and a link to the surrounding Park Potomac mixed-use community.  Accommodating a 15 foot grade change, a sinuous, ADA/accessible walkway crosses and re-crosses an alternate, straight-line stepped path.  These crossings and curves add drama and create sites for overlook seating areas. The design enhances all these features with drifts of shrubs and perennials. 

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