Yorktown High School

Arlington, Virginia

Performed site reconfiguration and landscaping design for Arlington County’s 17.51-acre Greenbrier Park, one of the most heavily used athletic field complexes in the county.

The park serves as the primary facility for the adjacent Yorktown High School, supports a variety of organized youth and adult sports and provides a recreation outlet for the surrounding neighborhood. 

Our design accommodates a rectangular stadium field and running track, two softball fields, a baseball field, parking and other amenities. 

Greenbrier Park’s limited site area and close proximity to nearby residences – combined with nearly twenty feet in elevation change across the existing fields – necessitated the extensive use of retaining walls to maximize program area. Our team developed a caisson-based concrete plank bleacher system to span the root zones of mature trees surrounding the site.  

The design team studied alternative technologies before recommending a series of segmental walls and interleaved sloping walkways to offer access to all fields while providing a continuous and accessible walking path for residents throughout the park. 

The main rectangular field features a monofilament synthetic in-filled turf system that drains rapidly after rain events, making the field playable nearly all year.

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