Mark Gionet is part of the second wave of leadership at LSG, joining in the 1980s. His career includes stops in Florida as a landscape architect and Massachusetts as a community planner. He holds an MLA from the University of Massachusetts, and a BA in History from Union College. Mark has contributed to the planning and design for over 50 parks of all kinds and nearly 20 senior housing campuses and communities plus a variety of other project types.
Mark enjoys a good community process and believes that the most meaningful and ultimately successful ideas come from users’ own experiences. He coaxes these ideas out of task forces, hearings, and committees with humor, patience and a keen sense of the public’s often contradictory interests and expectations.
Happiest when immersed in nature and the arts, Mark and his wife live within walking distance of the Potomac River and Mount Vernon. When not gardening, watching baseball, or listening to classical music, they have traveled to all seven continents observing nearly 2,000 bird species in a wide range of environments.

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