Aquiary Outdoor Interpretive Area at Loudon Water

Ashburn, Virginia

Following the completion of a landscape design for Loudoun Water’s new administrative office building, LSG was retained to assist the staff and a citizen advisory group in creating initial concepts and an interpretive Master Plan for the 20-acre Aquiary Outdoor Interpretive Area. 

Essentially a “water museum”, the Aquiary helps residents of all ages understand issues such as water treatment and delivery, source water protection, and water conservation and reclamation.

The completed Master Plan describes 12 proposed interpretive sites linked with a boardwalk and trail system, and also the connection of the indoor exhibits within the administration building to Broad Run. We have completed construction plans and provided construction phase services for the first phase, consisting of the entry water feature, enhanced rain garden plantings, wetlands area, and other sites.  
The use of reclaimed water, soil, boulders, and other site resources, as well as the use of recycled materials, were all central to the success of the project.

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