Zitkala-Ša Park

Arlington, Virginia

LSG Landscape Architecture was the prime consultant for the renovation design for this one-and-a-half-acre neighborhood park featuring two age-distinct playgrounds, gazebo, informal field, and play court. The park’s rectangular site reflects the surrounding street grid of early 20th-century homes, whose multi-generational families frequent the park for play, dog walking, sports and games. LSG’s design approach sought to modernize the park environment and facilities in a way that respects the context while enhancing the existing architectural language.

LSG’s primary roles included completing a site analysis and co-leading multiple public outreach forums with Parks staff to determine what elements and stylistic choices were desired. The firm then developed alternative schemes for the playgrounds, site circulation, and supporting amenities. LSG provided tree preservation design to incorporate a mature Basswood, many Red Maple, and Oak trees to maintain shade and the character of the site. The final scheme features four oval-shaped walkways surrounding different amenities. A centrally located patio that is shaded by a tensile structure and series of seating steps provides a spot from which visitors can read a paper, chat with a neighbor, and oversee their children on the playgrounds. A new basketball court includes a 3rd goal for younger players and fencing behind each basket. The playfield will be expanded and reestablished with Bermuda grass appropriate for sports play.

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