Germantown, Maryland

Rezoning of some 44 acres of the W-M Group’s Montgomery County mixed-use community, Milestone, resulted in the creation of 13 new parcels, with total potential for over 1.2 million added square feet of new development.  LSG took part in the multi-disciplinary team that helped gain approval for the change, from previously approved I-3 zoning to CR 2.0 zoning.

The resulting first phase expansion involves design and construction of 485 new residential units and 28,250 square feet of retail; additions to the Milestone Center Drive artery; and redesign of the 1.5 acre Milestone Towncenter Green.

While Milestone’s added density invites comparison with a conventional small town, its Towncenter open space is no plain village green, but a 21st Century mix of amenity-rich areas, programmed for active and passive uses.  LSG’s design introduces a series of dynamic curves that define flexible spaces, suitable for an ice-skating rink, a farmer’s market, outdoor concerts, children’s play areas, retail plazas, or simple relaxation.

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