AC Marriott Hotel

Washington, DC

Design services were provided for the outdoor amenities at this proposed 192 key, 13 story AC Hotel. LSG’s design focuses was principally on two outside spaces available to guests, one an active space and the other a visual amenity. Other green spaces are extensive green roof systems installed to meet the District’s stormwater management and Green Area Ratio regulations.

The rooftop terrace design is based on maximizing the flexibility of its use as both an event space and as a seasonally available gathering area for hotel guests. It affords excellent views of the Capitol City to the east. The space is organized with a series of east west bands of narrow pedestal pavers interlaced with in ground LED lighting strips. These visually widen the space to visitors entering from the adjacent enclosed amenity space. Furniture consists of all moveable pieces, including firepit/coffee table units, and heater and lamps. All items can be reorganized to create a larger open space for events.

The center courtyard space is accessible only visually, both from above and from corridors on west and north inside walls. The design of the ground plane reflects the geometry of the east inside wall elevation and the building’s overall rectangular façade treatment. Banding similar to that on the rooftop terrace is rendered in crushed stone interspaced with green roof plantings and modulated by perpendicular strips of in-ground lights. At night, the appearance from above will be a pattern of pale bars of light. On the south edge, a modular manufactured screen system conceals views of the adjacent building wall.

Owner/Developer: OTO Development

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