The Signature

Reston, Virginia

Begun decades after the seminal new town of Reston, Reston Town Center is famed in its own right for achieving center-city quality in a greenfield, Northern Virginia location.  Block 4, the last undeveloped piece of the Town Center master plan, incorporates two luxury apartment towers, low-rise apartments, townhouses, and retail elements in a 550 unit full-block, mixed use project.  The design by LSG Landscape Architecture also adds passive recreation to the adjoining, long-underused Reston President Park, nestling a historically inspired, nature-themed playground into a carefully preserved stand of old trees.

Overlooking the park, the projecting and receding bays of the luxury apartment towers shelter a series of intimate outdoor spaces. A cascading waterfall emerging between the two buildings helps to unify the kinetic modern design.  Nearby, the retail plaza’s stone planks and stairs provide generous public space for Saturday farmers’ markets, food trucks, and street musicians.  A resort style roof terrace offers its patrons dining underneath a planted arbor, plus a deck for leisure pastimes.  Choices of brick, water features, and trees link the project to the standard Reston Town Center architectural and urban design vocabulary.

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