The Villa at Suffield Meadows

Warrenton, Virginia

Developed a landscape plan for a new two-story 56-unit assisted living and nursing care facility at the retirement community of Suffield Meadows. 

Our goal was to create pleasing outdoor rooms for residents while integrating the building into the surrounding landscape. Key features of the design include an arrival area designed to create a positive first impression of the facility while simplifying traffic flow. The design surrounds the building with distinctive and welcoming outdoor spaces, such as a fireside lounge, a fountain terrace, and a memory support garden that aids in therapy for dementia patients. Other site features such as raised gardens and birdhouses encourage direct engagement with the landscape. 

The site also boasts a number of sustainable elements including minimal use of impervious pavement, use of pervious materials such as reinforced turf, use of recycled and sustainable materials, and a low-impact approach to stormwater management. 

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