Lewinsville Multigenerational Center

McLean, Virginia

New landscape designs will support the programs of the Lewinsville Intergenerational Center (LIC)—a daycare and recreation center for both children and adults that includes a public athletic field—and the Lewinsville Senior Residences (LSR), an eighty-plus independent living facility specializing in affordable senior housing.
An innovative public-private partnership is redeveloping the 8.65-acre Northern Virginia site. LSG provides services under separate contracts with Grimm + Parker Architecture/Fairfax County and Wiencek Associates/Wesley Housing Development Corporation. 

The LIC will accommodate senior recreation activities, adult day care, and two privately operated childcare centers.  Its landscape plan includes drop off and entrance points, a dining patio, a wander garden, accessible gardening, and three playgrounds for the different childcare centers and age groups. LSR landscape plans include a community gardening courtyard, walking paths, a cascading water feature, a butterfly garden, and social gathering places.  Additional LSR design features include site fencing, a public playground, a 190-foot-long seat wall at the athletic field made from gabion baskets filled with concrete from demolished sidewalks, and playground benches fashioned from trees removed for new construction.

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